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How Visitor Log Monitoring Systems Enhance Workplace Safety

June 10, 2022

Welcome to the age of technological convenience. The modern workplace depends on technology for every facet and function. This is especially true for essential tasks like developing workplace safety and security measures. A visitor log monitoring system is the technology you need to transform your workplace safety processes. 

How Does a Visitors Log Monitoring System Work? 

Secure log monitoring systems have been a part of the workplace for decades. At its simplest, a visitor log records who enters your building. Logs often also include information like time of entry (and exit), hosts name, and visit purpose. At their core, visitor log monitoring systems keep tabs on who is in your building and why they're there and keep a record of each visit.  

Before digital sign-in kiosks, visitor logs used to be kept in a paper format. Back then, visitors would jot their names down, manually inputting the time and purpose of their visits. Today, however, industry leaders are turning to digital visitor log software to track workplace activity.  

Your digital visitor logbook: 

  • Identifies visitors who need access to restricted areas. 
  • Monitors employee productivity  
  • Tracks which employees are meeting with which visitors at what times 
  • Knows when someone has been on-site longer than is necessary or expected 
  • Enables secure, fast visitor sign-ins 

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Using digital instead of paper logs lets you exercise greater control over who enters your facility. Time-stamped logs make verifying when and where someone entered or exited the building easy. It's an especially valuable software solution for buildings with multiple entrances or wide, open spaces.    

The Purpose of Digital Visitor Logs in the Workplace 

A visitors log monitoring system is a software-based service that helps you manage and control access to your facility. It lets you grant building access only to pre-approved individuals, making it much harder for unauthorized people to enter. This level of access management has several benefits for the modern workplace. 

Enhance Facility Security 

As a facility manager, you are responsible for maintaining a safe and secure workplace. You can achieve this with a digital monitoring system incorporating visitor badges, key card entry, and alarms. Workplaces can use an iPad-based sign-in kiosk to validate visits and verify identification automatically. 

The system provides a more secure sign-in process and tracks: 

  • Visitor names 
  • Arrival time 
  • Exit time 
  • Areas Accessed 
  • Documents signed 
  • People met 
  • Purpose of visit 
  • Deliveries 
  • Other vital information as needed 

Digital visitor logs are also helpful for recalling data for on-demand audit reports. Having detailed records of all their movements is crucial when you need to provide proof that someone was in your building at a certain time or place.   

Integrations allow for automated compliance measures, letting you take a more "hands-off" approach to security monitoring. The system can also record legal documents (NDAs, waivers, etc.) and captures e-signatures before allowing visitor entry.  

Promote Workplace Safety

Promote Workplace Safety 

Visitor management systems improve the safety of the entire work environment. By streamlining and simplifying workplace safety processes, these systems improve visitor experiences while giving you the tracking tools your security team needs. 

If your workplace has special access conditions — such as workplace visitor policies, safety protocols or uniform requirements — you can effortlessly provide visitors with the information they need to stay in compliance during their visit.  

Visitor logs also help protect against liability issues. If a visitor is injured on your premises, you must show proof that they were authorized to be there and had any necessary training or credentials. Keeping all visitors' names and ID numbers in a database simplifies the process. 

Digital logs also provide a means for businesses to ensure that all visitors are always identified and accounted for. Your workplace monitoring system can assist this by printing visitor badges. Badges aid security in keeping unauthorized people away from dangerous equipment or other hazards. 

Visitor monitoring tools are also important for informing capacity management strategies. Monitoring capacity is essential for everything from meeting fire safety codes to determining infrastructure requirements. 

Track Visitor Activity 

Cloud-based systems let you keep track of the people in your facility from wherever you are. You can see who they visited, when, how long they stayed, and what they did while on the premises. 

Tracking this information can help you: 

  • Monitor usage patterns 
  • Improve marketing efforts 
  • Respond to guest needs 
  • Identify and manage maintenance issues 


Streamline Visitor Registration 

There are many ways to gain entry to a building, which creates a challenge for organizations that want to keep their logbooks up-to-date. Changing to a digital log system lets them automatically monitor all entrances and instantly know who’s entering and exiting. 

It can also help companies to: 

  • Manage access control and security in real-time 
  • Protect the organization from liability, theft, and loss 
  • Reduce staff workload and administrative overhead 

Using Digital Logbooks to Develop Visitor Management Strategies 

Visitor management strategies most often revolve around visitor flow, traffic varieties, and visitation patterns. This information is crucial for any business looking to optimize its customer experience. 

A secure log monitoring system provides companies with an excellent tool for understanding how visitors move through your space and where they spend their time. Facility managers can then use this information to make more informed decisions to improve the customer experience, increase sales conversions, and decrease loss. 

People don't just come to your facility for no reason. You can optimize the space in your facility to better accommodate how people use it. Visitor management systems let you directly visualize how many people are coming through the door and how they’re spending their time. The right facility access management lets you leverage that data to make changes that improve the overall customer experience and increase profitability.  

Learn more with The Complete Facilities Management Handbook:

Facility Management Handbook

Three Reasons to Switch to an Electronic Visitor Log 

Upgrading your visitor logs to digital can simplify your business processes in even the most complex work environments. Here are three reasons to make the switch: 

  1. It's easy to implement. You don't need to make any changes or undergo extensive training. The system will guide you through ‌adding visitors and employees, monitoring access, and setting up alerts for anything that seems out of place. 
  2. You don't have to worry about data loss. With an electronic system, all information is stored in one place — rather than scattered throughout multiple locations — making it easy for you to track activity without compromising security measures.  
  3. Increase profits. Electronic visitor logs can help reduce costs and increase profitability by providing insight into traffic patterns and employee behavior, allowing you to better manage space usage and adjust staffing levels accordingly.  

The first step is to decide on a system that meets your specific needs. Every workplace has unique requirements that will determine the best platform and functions. Custom-configurable visitor management software matches the specific needs of visitor logs for your industry, business, and workplace. 

Upgrade your visitor logs to digital and simplify your business processes with VisitorOS. With this streamlined, secure visitor management system, you can easily monitor access, set up alerts for anything out of place, and track activity without compromising security measures.

Request a demo today and optimize your complete visitor check-in process with VisitorOS, which improves workplace safety, security, and compliance through game-changing automation and people-powered support.

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Jeff Gladwish

Jeff Gladwish is the Chief Revenue Officer at iLobby where he spearheads the go-to-market strategy, driving the growth and adoption of our Facility and Visitor Management solutions. In 2023, Jeff was named one of Influitive’s Fearless 50 Customer-Led Marketing Leaders, an award that recognizes executives pushing the boundaries of customer marketing, advocacy, community, and loyalty.

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