If a paper guest book is your current record-keeping solution, there are reasons why you may want to re-consider your approach to visitor management and look for a more efficient method.

1. Log entries are incomplete or illegible

If the handwriting is hard to decipher, you may simply not be able to read the entries. In addition, some visitors may not fill out their entry completely or even falsify information.

2. Protect confidential visitor information

Do you really want to provide your business visitation information to everyone? If you wish to protect the privacy of your guests and keep their information confidential, a paper log book may not be the best choice.

3. Manual entries costs money

Labour costs to retrieve and analyze data properly are expensive, let alone the cost of supplies and storage. Think of how easily you can save by going paperless!

4. If you have several facilities, the visitation data is not centralized

Having different log books across multiple sites, you lack a central control system and consolidated database to keep track of your visitor information.

5. In an emergency, paper log books are useless

Signing out is rarely enforced and many visitors do not typically indicate their departure time in the log book. This makes it virtually impossible to identify who is still present at your facility in case of emergency.

EmergencyOS keeps real-time data of who is in your building and provides two-way communication for live evacuation tracking.

6. It is not compliance-friendly

With a manual log, reporting becomes a tedious and labour-intensive process if you have to prove that your facility complies with appropriate security requirements and procedures. Improve facility compliance with automated visitor management.

7. You do not position yourself as an innovative and welcoming business

Paper log books are pretty archaic and add an old-fashioned feel to your facility. Remember that your reception area instantly reflects your brand, and provides the first impression to new clients and prospective employees – this really matters.

Learn how to shred paper log books by using digital visitor logs in your facility.