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Digital Sign In System Benefits for Enterprise Workplaces

September 22, 2022

Every industry has unique demands and challenges to create a secure, efficient workplace. Despite differing needs, all facilities can achieve these goals through automated management platforms. Customization and integrations can fit any industry and regional requirements - optimizing facilities in even the most highly regulated and complex enterprises. 

A workplace sign-in solution provides an exclusive platform that improves your company operations, from check-in processes and better workplace administration to assuring security and legal compliance. 


How Sign-In Systems Benefit Different Industries

Modern workspace management tools are becoming increasingly popular to handle health, safety, and compliance concerns that will only worsen. 

Businesses of all sizes should take advantage of this system because of its simplicity of use and ease of integration into the current ecosystem. Workplace sign-in software is an economical and compelling solution that addresses significant business problems and helps to guarantee a safe, secure work environment. 

Streamlining Sign-In Processes in the Defense Industry 

Even the secure infrastructure of the aerospace and defense industries, visitors are a common sight. Whether the visitor is a military contractor coming to deliver equipment or a diplomat on a business trip, people are always coming and going. 

High-Security Facility Case Study

The military needs to be strong, and the industry needs to be able to operate without worry to keep the country safe. However, there is some concern about preserving defense industry security.  

Having a sign-in system is crucial in defense facilities. Your defense software and equipment are only as good as the security of your login process. If you have loopholes in your sign-in system, you might be allowing potential hackers a window into your network.  

A digital visitor sign-in system can benefit everyone, including government agencies, military personnel, and contractors. Often installed in areas where security is a high priority, it can automatically send alerts to security staff throughout the facility whenever a visitor arrives. Moreover, it can print and scan photo ID badges for enhanced safety. 

Visitor Sign In App

Electronic Visitor Sign-In Systems Within Manufacturing and Food 

A sign-in system tracks employees and visitors. So you always know who is in your building in real-time. Facilities management systems are becoming the norm, offering clear benefits; they help manufacturing and food companies consolidate visitor data, ease compliance, manage safety concerns, ease FSMA compliance, and restrict access to trade secrets or food research.  

These benefits are especially critical for highly regulated plants, where the health and safety of employees and supply chain processes are crucial.   


Visitor Management in Medical Manufacturing Facilities 

With the current COVID-19 global pandemic, sign-in systems play an even more crucial role because they can help healthcare systems screen visitors and serve as digital contact tracing tools. 

Every day, many people visit institutions in the healthcare sector, like hospitals and medical offices. While patients, family, and friends make up the majority of visitors, it's also essential to account for supply vendors, temporary workers, and contractors. 

Due to healthcare organizations' security measures, it can be challenging to track every visitor. Any manual method of managing visitors can result in data privacy problems and leave institutions at risk of security breaches. 

With the help of visitor sign-in systems, all visitors register, are issued visitor badges with check-in and check-out times and can sign various legal documents, such as NDAs or health questionnaires, if needed. 

One can also use this cloud-based technology to screen individuals who have recently traveled or exhibited coronavirus symptoms in the hospital or medical practice to safeguard staff members and other patients. It is possible to notify any staff member interacting with people who may have COVID-19 to take the necessary precautions. 

Discover how a Visitor Management System fits your facility> 

Signs You Need an Enterprise Sign-In Solution 

Adopting a workplace check-in system can give you access to a wide range of modern features created to simplify corporate processes, like: 

  • Visitor management for a seamless sign-in experience 
  • Employee management for contactless sign-in and reliable time tracking and reporting 
  • Analytics and reporting of crucial visitor-related insights to identify processes that need to be optimized 

Five Key Benefits

Here are some key benefits of sign-in systems over a traditional visitor sign-in book. If your business struggles with these, you need to upgrade from the current version of your sign-in solution: 

1. Scalability during visitor and employee growth

Software for digital sign-in makes it quick and straightforward to add new staff both individually and in mass. You can enter the new user's information in the appropriate fields of a template and register the employee in the system. 

As your company expands, an employee sign-in system can improve employee satisfaction and speed up onboarding. Workforce Sign-In2. Make a strong first impression

Your first impression is the most lasting and impactful on overall visitor experience. A workplace sign-in solution can provide a seamless and personalized welcome process to strengthen your brand.  

Leverage the powerful features of digital check-in software to optimize your visitor induction process: 

  • Visitor pre-registration 
  • Sign-in apps 
  • iPad check-in kiosks 
  • Custom notification,  
  • Digital guest agreements & e-signatures 

3. Ease Compliance

A digital check-in system's accurate data management and compliance are underappreciated advantages. These technologies can help your organization grow under industry standards and best practices by reducing compliance risks. 

4. Start the day off right

A workplace sign-in software supports a stress-free and productive work environment where manual processes are replaced with efficient cloud-based technology so that you and your team can focus on growing the business. 

5. Long-term financial savings

A digital sign-in system can improve cost efficiency while enhancing visitor and staff experience. For business owners, this is very advantageous. It removes the requirement for a front desk with staff to cover all your bases. 

Modernize Your Workplace Sign-Ins 

With the help of a reliable workplace check-in system, you can incorporate technology advancements into your company's operations so that employees can concentrate on growing your business rather than on tedious, manual, and time-consuming duties. 

iLobby improves security and efficiency through its robust, fully automated visitor management system. Book your demo today and discover the iLobby difference. 


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Jeff Gladwish

Jeff Gladwish is the Chief Revenue Officer at iLobby where he spearheads the go-to-market strategy, driving the growth and adoption of our Facility and Visitor Management solutions. In 2023, Jeff was named one of Influitive’s Fearless 50 Customer-Led Marketing Leaders, an award that recognizes executives pushing the boundaries of customer marketing, advocacy, community, and loyalty.

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