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5 Reasons to Have a Visitor Management System with ID Scanners

July 19, 2022

Organization, security, and compliance – knowing who is coming and going in your building is vital for all three. Most facilities and work sites have some form of visitor management system (VMS) in place to keep track of the names and dates of who is coming into your building. But how do you verify accuracy? 

Left unsupervised, most visitors will fill out the correct details, but some visitor logs are easy to deceive. A pen-and-paper sign-in system is simple, but visitor information is accidentally skewed due to sloppy writing, damage and spills, or loss of the physical book. Worse yet, the lack of a verification method allows people to manipulate or disguise their information intentionally. 

If you manage a facility with frequent visitors or contractors, you know how important accurate visitor logs are. There is a significant benefit to using an electronic visitor management system for security and safety reasons. In addition to organization and efficiency, a digital VMS streamlines ID verification.  

Including ID scanners in your sign-in kiosk improves the accuracy of your guest log and simplifies visitor tracking. The following article explores five reasons you should have a visitor management system with ID scanners. 

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Why You Need a Photo ID Visitor Management System

A photo ID visitor management system controls and monitors the entry of visitors into a facility. Your VMS issues visitor badges, tracks visitor entries and exits, and monitors activity. Integrating directly into your sign-in system and identification badge software, the photo ID visitor management system provides a comprehensive security solution for your business or facility. 

There are many benefits to having such a visitor identification system, including enhanced security and efficient sign-in flow.  

Here are five reasons you should have a visitor management system with ID scanners: 

  1. Photo Identification Enhances Security and Access Control

The first and most obvious reason to have a photo ID visitor management system is for security purposes. By scanning visitors' photo IDs, you can quickly and easily track who is coming and going from your facility. Enhance access control even further by setting up permission levels via visitor ID badges within the visitor identification system.   

The ID validation process immediately flags unauthorized individuals or names that appear on integrated watchlists. Managers can see these instances on a real-time dashboard, managing visitor access control remotely. They can authorize or deny entry or even dispatch security teams. On the opposite side of the spectrum, if the name matches a customized VIP list, the system can notify a host to greet the visitor. 

  1. Significantly Speeds Up the Visitor Registration Process

A visitor kiosk ID scanner speeds up the visitor registration process. This process can often be time-consuming, especially if using paper visitor sign logs or if there are several documents and certifications to provide.   

A photo ID scanner makes secure visitor pre-registration possible, streamlining check-ins. Before arrival, the visitor receives an email allowing them to fill out all their required sign-in information and supporting documentation. Once complete, they receive a QR code on their smartphone. Upon arrival, pre-registered guests scan the QR code and use the ID scanner feature to confirm their ID, and, in an instant, the sign-in process is complete. 

The identification badge software can also print detailed visitor badges with information you predetermine. ID badge details often include: 

  • Visitor name 
  • Photo 
  • Company 
  • Date 

The process saves a lot of time versus manual visitor sign-in through a receptionist or security officer. It is also advantageous during busy periods with large volumes of visitors entering your facility.  

The visitor badges that your business issues help visitors feel welcome while implementing security and access control. These ID badges quickly identify entrants and the purpose of their visit. Managers can also use the identification badge software to generate reports on the entry and exit of visitors. 

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  1. Enhances GDPR Compliance

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a set of regulations designed to protect individuals' personal data in the European Union. If you process the personal data of individuals in the EU, you need a GDPR-compliant visitor management strategy. Using a photo ID visitor management system, you can capture and store visitors' photos and information in a secure database.  

The database must be password protected and encrypted to ensure that only authorized personnel can access it. This helps to protect the digital records of your customers and ensures that you are GDPR compliant. 

  1. Creates a Complete Record of Visitor Data

When you use a photo ID visitor management system, you can create a complete record of visitor data. Capture and store visitor photos, names, contact information, and the reasons for visit. The data is important in the event of an emergency or a security breach. It can also be helpful for real-time tracking and headcounts. You can quickly identify who is in your building and send out emergency notifications if an event occurs. In response to a breach, you also have a complete digital paper trail accessible through your visitor management dashboard.  

Visitor data is also helpful in planning for the future. For instance, you can plan accordingly if your visitor reports show a high volume of frequent visitors during the summer months. 

  1. Positively Impacts Visitor Experience

Visitor experience directly impacts visitor satisfaction. Using our advanced ID scanner, you can make the registration process quick and easy using identification badge software. An efficient, quick process will help to create a positive first impression for visitors.   

What's more, this system ensures that visitors can quickly and easily find their way around your facility.   

Discover more benefits of visitor management with our ebook:


VMS Benefits

Implement Visitor Management Software with ID Scanners Today 

Keep your people safe and your company in compliance with VisitorOS, pre-loaded and pre-configured on enterprise-level hardware to meet the specific needs of your critical entry points.

Request a demo today and optimize your complete visitor check-in process with VisitorOS, which improves workplace safety, security, and compliance through game-changing automation and people-powered support. Implement visitor management software with ID scanners today and experience the difference.

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