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How Visitor Pass Solutions Help Secure Complex Facilities

November 25, 2022

How do you dispense visitor badges in your facility?  

Even in the most tech-centric enterprises, we still see security guards or receptionists handing them out in your lobby. Or worse yet, having badges for visitors to grab on their way in, hoping they fill in pen-and-paper logbooks.  

It's time to upgrade your visitor pass management to an automated front desk system. You will free up valuable time for your employees, streamline visitor induction, and enforce the collection of all necessary data and requirements. The upgraded experience creates a lasting impression and matches the sophistication of complex organizations like yours. Welcome to the efficient, secure workplace.  

Discover how visitor pass software will enhance your organization and how to pick the right solution for your facility. 

The Benefits of a Visitor Pass Management System 

Complex enterprises and facilities benefit greatly from sign-in systems using visitor pass software. By adding visitor badge printing into the sign-in flow, visitor management systems simultaneously increase efficiency and user experience. Benefits of visitor pass software include: 

VisitorPassQuotesSecurityping  Security

Boost security and reporting with up-to-the-minute information on who is in your building and when they sign in. 

VisitorPassQuotesStreamlineCheckinping  Streamline check-ins

Effortless and efficient visitor sign-in systems make it fast and easy to sign in. The self-guided kiosk is intuitive and reliable, ensuring guests fill required fields and meet all requirements before printing a visitor pass. Visitor pre-registration further streamlines entrances. Guests who register in advance only need to scan their phones to have their passes printed automatically.

VisitorPassQuotesUseResourcesping  Better use of resources

No longer having to manually give out passes and verify visitor info frees up your front desk staff and security officers to focus on other important tasks. 

VisitorPassQuotesVisitorTrackingvec   Visitor Tracking

Another valuable benefit of a visitor pass management system is that it automatically tracks and compiles data about your visitors to align with your facility's security policies. 

Advantages of Visitor Badges Workplace Banner

Factors to Consider When Choosing Visitor Pass Software 

Your visitor pass solution has to meet a multitude of unique needs for your specific organization and guests. Safety and security considerations, industries, compliance requirements, region, and facility. To make sure you get the right fit for your visitors and facility, here are a few important questions to consider before choosing or setting up your automated badge printer.   VisitorPassQuotesQ_CloudBasedping

The ability to connect your visitor pass printer to a cloud-based VMS allows for real-time management through an online portal. An on-premise-only solution can still provide guest badges on-demand but may result in lost or incomplete data. 
Using a visitor badge printer specifically designed for your visitor kiosk ensures compatibility and minimizes time lost troubleshooting or setting up complicated systems. iLobby's VMS and badge printers are preprogrammed and ready to use right out of the box, so you get a jumpstart on efficient sign-ins. 
Subscription fee models are increasingly popular due to their infinite scalability. Organizations can quickly adapt to growth phases or changing economies. Monthly plans keep expenses predictable, and the ability to add licenses as needed keeps organizations agile.  
Having a visitor pass printing as part of your facilities management solution enables integration with a full range of features and uses.  

Visitor Badge Features 

Every building, facility, and industry is different. A one-size-fits-all approach to your visitor pass system does not cut it. Enterprises need a configurable solution with features tailored to each unique organization. 

For example, consider the parameters required to allow entry. High-security organizations may need to screen visitors against watch lists. Your visitor kiosk can screen against deny lists to prevent badge printing for flagged entry attempts. 

Here are a few useful features to consider. 

Workplace Privacy and Security

Security and Privacy 

Your company bears legal responsibility for the safety of your buildings and the people inside them. As well, enterprises have a duty to safeguard private data. Visitor logs and automated badge printers typically collect visitors' personal data, such as names and contact information. Facility operators must store personal data securely to meet GDPR compliance and avoid severe penalties.  

Ideally, your visitor pass solution adds an extra cushion of security between you and the outside world. With iLobby, you can feel confident of that extra cushion. We provide emergency notifications, facial recognition, and onsite badge printing, which guests can access easily via self-serve kiosks.Visitor Badge QuoteYour visitor pass only prints once guests successfully complete all required sign-in fields. This ensures that implemented security and safety requirements like watch list screening, NDA signing, agreements, and training videos are complete. As such, a visitor badge is a symbol of a safe and secure workplace. 


Good communication is just as stimulating as black coffee, and just as hard to sleep after.  

– Anne Morrow Lindbergh 

Communication is essential, not only among your team but between your hardware and tech stack as well. Enterprises have a deep bench of software and hardware solutions just to keep up with daily demands. To maximize facility operations, you need solutions that work seamlessly with common solutions like Microsoft Outlook, Salesforce, or OneDrive. 

Smart integrations keep visitor pass solutions consistent and fluid with your tech. It can even integrate with workforce management access control systems to control gates, doors, and turnstiles for additional security. Common access control integrations include Genetec, C-Cure Suite, and Honeywell. 

In addition to visitor access cards, a visitor management system can use QR codes, sign-in kiosks, and visitor management apps.    

Ease of Use 

Powerful, user-focused UX is the best way to ensure your visitor pass solution is used correctly and consistently. iLobby's onsite badge printing system is intuitive and stress-free, making it a favorite of guests, employees, and administrators. 

The self-guided kiosk takes visitors through the sign-in process step-by-step. This makes it easy to provide all the necessary information while making it impossible to skip required fields. Upon completion, their visitor pass prints automatically with preconfigured information, including an expiration date/time. 

For even more convenience, guests can pre-register before arrival. They then receive a QR code that prompts badge printing once scanned. 

This seamless check-in process gives guests a great initial impression of your facility. 


The ability to configure your visitor pass solution to reflect your needs and your brand is essential. 

With iLobby, you get control over the configuration of visitor badges, including the visitor type, information displayed, and badge expiration. You can even choose colors that reflect clearance levels or visitor types. 

The ability to set expiration dates is a huge perk if you have contractors show up several days in a row. It means they don't have to go through the process of signing in and printing a badge every time they visit. It also protects against unauthorized entry after projects have expired.  

Another perk is the capability of seamlessly checking in large groups. 

In addition, you can engage specific security features based on your organization's needs. For example, you may appreciate the watchlist screening feature if you're in a government building. This automatically denies entry to suspicious parties by refusing to print a visitor badge. 

Automate Visitor Passes in Your Facility 

iLobby is an enterprise-grade solution trusted by organizations like FujiFilm, Boeing, and Scotia Bank to streamline security while maintaining a high standard of compliance and efficiency.  

Guests and employees enjoy the full advantage of the simple yet powerful check-in procedures of automated kiosks and onsite badge printing. 

Discover iLobby's complete facility management platform, including our visitor pass solution. Book a demo today. 

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