Airports are some of the most highly secure and complex environments in the world. Millions of travelers flow in and out of airports on a daily basis making use of highly-efficient protocols and security systems in place throughout the chain.

Not only do airport personnel need to continuously verify each passenger who enters and leaves the facility, but access control is also necessary for the thousands of airport workers, visitors and external contractors who pass through the inner workings of these buildings every day. For instance, Toronto Pearson International Airport employs around 49,000 people including full-time employees and contractors.

Airports are unique in their need to both maintain an extremely high-security standard while making it as simple as possible for people to do their jobs on-site efficiently. This is where iLobby proposed and created transformative solutions.

No Employee Assistance Needed

Prior to implementing a visitor management system, most airports use manual processes in order to log and register visiting contractors. Not only is this task time-consuming, but it’s also prone to human error and increasing security risks.  Airport visitor management software like iLobby's digitize the entire process, making it instantly faster and more secure with the reduction of manual labor.

Instant Watchlist Verification

These automated verification solutions are also fully interfaced with government and third-party watchlists. Each visitor or contractor generates their own profile upon signing in; the profile is then instantly checked against set criteria and verified before following them throughout the building.

This integrated functionality comes with any custom iLobby solution and gives administrators the ability to set criteria and deny entry based on blacklists or government watchlists.

Customized Printed Credentials

After signing in, every visitor receives a custom ID badge with their picture, credentials, clearance levels, and access durations. This allows airport security and employees to instantly know if a visitor has the correct access and enables the system to track when and where badges are used anywhere on site.

Self-guided kiosks print visitor badges on-demand as part of the automated sign-in process.

Real-Time On-Site Tracking

By automating the visitor management process, both security and administrative personnel can make use of real-time tracking of any on-site contractor. This feature enhances the safety and security of all employees while also keeping track of where contractors are and how many are on-site in the case of an emergency.

This increase in data collection also means advanced reporting capabilities. The details of past events, as well as information on the type of contractor and reason for their visit, are available quickly and easily.

Advanced Access Control

Apart from registering visitors at an initial point of entry, iLobby also offers granular access control verification integrations. This means once a visitor is signed in, security personnel are able to monitor and control their access to certain parts of the building. Additionally, the system sends SMS, email, or voice notifications to a visitor’s host, letting them know they are on-site or where they are in the case of an emergency.

The streamlined process not only increases airport security but also reduces time-consuming tasks and cuts administrative costs. With so many benefits both to security and overall efficiency, iLobby's robust platform represents the future of enterprise facility and visitor management.

High-Security Facility Case Study